Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breakfast Buffet at the Coffee Lounge of Ace Water Spa, Pioneer

Thursday is my car's plate coding day and has to avoid major roads from 7am -10am.  I decided to leave early for work, and was able to reach Pasig a few minutes past 7am.  I don't want to hassle myself of getting caught by Pasig Traffic enforcers, the reason why I decided to kill time at Ace Coffee Lounge at Ace Water Spa in Pioneer for Breakfast.

Normally, I would stop by to avail their breakfast meals that comes with unlimited coffee and drinks.
I was surprised that they now serve a breakfast buffet for 350 ph (385php including tax).  Since I still have more than an hour to spare, I decided to give it a try as I update my blogs.

The entrees section included Filipino breakfast staples like the Beef Tapa, Tocino, and Longganisa.  Side dishes included eggs and baked beans with fried and steam rice options.  They also have Chocolate Porridge or Champorado.  They have a bread section with a variety of choices for filling.  An omelets station can prepare them fresh to your liking and choice of ingredients.

Fried section included hash brown, fried fish, and bacon.  Pancakes and Freanch toasts can be served with different toppings. They also have Maki and Dimsum to cater to Japanese and Chinese guests.

The assortment of drinks included fruit juices, hot chocolate, brewed coffee, tea, and softdrinks.
I would not mind waking up and driving early for this.

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