Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Favorite Interior Design Project

This was an unexpected project.  Being employed, I have little time to myself and to take on personal projects seemed impossible.

Fortunately our renovation finished early, and we have more time during the last quarter.  I decided to place an ad in to advertise my Christmas Decorating Service.  I figured, this would not be as stressful as construction since you just come into the site, install their decors and and leave after receiving the payment.

For this building, I was originally hired to do the exterior and lobby Christmas Decorations, but when the owner found out that we are a team of Architects and Interior Designers, she asked us to design their house as well.

Te family occupies the top floor with individual units on both sides of the hallway.  The top floor was originally laid out for their house, but during the course of construction, they decided to convert it to 1-bedroom units and studio units.  After the partitions were built, they decided to use it again as their house.  That became the challenge.  One studio unit becomes the bar, another for the son who recently got married, the other studio becomes the kitchen and the last was the kids room.  The 2,- 1-bedroom units was for the daughters who have very different personalities and the the last was the Masters Unit.  I was only able to make improvements in the Master's Unit since it was furnished already, but the other rooms was built from scratch.  This was what we came up with.

The studio unit converted into a bar.  Mirrors were placed strategically to create the illusion of space.
The concept for this room was Punk Rock.  The dark colors were soften with the use of plush textures and pink as an accent.

The younger daughters room was sweet and dainty, with white and pink color scheme.
For the master's living room, we customized the entertainment cabinet and added the shelves on the wall.  The back side was converted to a full mirror.
The mirror frame came from the living room area.  The accent lamp and vases were added.
The kids room in blue and white color scheme.
A praying lobby right outside the elevator door.

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