Monday, November 25, 2013

Foodie Finds: RJ Bulalohan

This is actually not a recent discovery.  RJ Bulalohan has already become a landmark in Mandaluyong.  Located near the Mandaluyong Circle beside the Gasoline Station, it is open 24 hours and always packed the entire day especially at meal hours.  Photographs of famous people visiting this restaurant is a proof of its popularity.

People would always come back for the piping hot broth and feast on the beef bone marrows of their famous Bulalo.  Aside from the variety of the many Filipino dishes they offer, what's admirable about the place is that the price is very reasonable.  We ordered a meal good for 4 that comes with rice and drink for less than 700 pesos.

For 699 pesos, we had the mix barbecue platter (squid, pork belly, chicken, hito, pork ribs), a regular bulalo, four rice and a pitcher of Iced Tea

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  1. RJ bulalohan is one of the best neighborhood restaurants in Metro manila! favorite ko rin yan kasi I don't have to got to tagaytay anymore just have a bulalo fix.. i's just a 3-minute walk away from our house :) sarap din ng caldereta nila :)


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