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Deo Gratias: A Waray Christmas Carol

Since my Mom is in the country for the holidays and is staying at our hometown in Eastern Samar, I decided to spend Christmas there.  Fresh from the effects of the typhoon Yolanda that ravaged the eastern part of the country, the people in our hometown still manages to celebrate the season.  Caroling starts the same as the Midnight Mass.  The entire street will be filled with voices from carolers both young and old.  In our Barangay in Tabunan, each group would have the same song, although the tune may vary from group to group.  It's also the first time I have encountered a Christmas Carol, where the homeowner has singing parts.  I tried to write down the lyrics and translated it with the help of my Mom.

Deo Gracias amigo,
Thanks be to God friend
Kun sadang pasak-on niyo,
If you will let us in
Kun sadang kami mamuruko,
If you will please let us sit
Yad’ ‘in duduha katawo.
Here's two person

Kami yadi katiayon,
It us a couple
Nasarit iyo pasak-on,
If you will, please let us in
Bisan la dire pasak-on,
If you can't let us in
Didi la han iyo sirong.
We can stay at your shade

Response from the homeowner:

Hin-o ka ba, hin-o iton,
Who are you? Who is this?
Nga nagsasampit ha akon,
That's calling on me
Ano an tuyo mo dako,
What's your purpose here?
Nga imo titinguhaon?
What do you need?

The carolers will reply with this verse:

An si Jose nga bugto mo,
I'm Joseph your brother
Suok pa nga igpatod mo,
A close  relative of yours
An mahal nga esposa ko,
My loving wife
Suok pa, an himasuso.
Is in labor

The homeowner would answer with this:

Waray Jose nga bugto ko,
I don't have a brother named Joseph
Waray pobres igpatod ko,
I don't have a poor relative
Lunlon kami kapadian,
We're all men
Mga tulni hin kahadian.
Of noble blood

Response from the carolers:

Tungod la sa Diyos amigo,
It because of God my friend
An pagsarit han balay mo,
That brought us to your house
Han sirong la, han hagdan mo,
Just below your stairs is enough
Nga lukotan han hayop mo.
Where you keep your animals

Response from the homeowner:

Hala kadto iwas kamo,
Go now, go away
Paharayo han balay ko,
Go far from my house
Hala kamo, kadto iwas,
All of you, go away
Naglilipong, pakangiras.
You are getting on my nerves

Response from the carolers:

Pirit na kami mahapit,
We sorry but we have to impose
Hi Maria nasasakit,
Mary is in pain
Madali na an kaaga,
It's almost morning
An Mesiyas masirang na.
And the savior is about to be born

Response from the homeowner:

May kamalig nga bungkag na,
There's a worn out granary
Hunongan hin mga baka,
That's being used for the cows
Didto kamo pag-agwanta
You can stay there if you must
Kay kami didi suok na.
We're already full here

The carolers will end with this verse:

Por amor de Dios tagbalay,
God a Bless you our host
Malisensya kami anay,
We have to go for now
Dire niyo igkabudlay,
We hope you don't mind
An pagsarit nga mahinay.
Our short passing

Tagbalay makadi kami,
Our host, we have to go
Kami na la perdonahe,
Please excuse us
Nakangiras kami dinhi
For the disturbance cause
Han amon dinhi pag-agi.
Of our passing here

Here's a few verse sang by these little kids!

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  1. Salamat hine, naka-kopya gihap para hit am panarit ha Manila. I am from Barrio Lalawigan. Maupay nga Pasko!


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