Friday, January 17, 2014

Tour of Davao City: Package Tour VS. DIY Tour

As early as June of last year, we are already preparing for our January 2014 Davao trip.  My former Interior Designer who is now based in Papua New Guinea bought us tickets together with my other designer in time for her January vacation with his new boyfriend.  As the day nears, I am on the look out for the many destinations that the city has to offer.  I booked them a room at Pearl Farm which eventually became a hassle, and tried looking for our tour itinerary.  That brought me to the site of Davao Tour Packages organized by PS Van and Travel Services.

I was excited with their  Water and Pearl farm Package:

Water Rafting and Pearl Farm
Airport Pick-up
Pearl Farm

Water Rafting
Crocodile Park

Zip Line
Davao Museum
San Pedro Church
People's Park
Crocodile Park
Butterfly Garden
Japanese Tunnel
Shrine Hills
Durian Candy Factory
Aldevinco Shoping Center

This package will cost you:
With 3 Lunch/Entrance Fees
Without Lunch and Entrance Fees
2 pax- 10,770.00
3 pax- 8,787.00
4 pax-7,795.00
5 pax-7,200.00
6 pax-7,423.00
7 pax-6,649..00
8 pax-6,533.00
9 pax-6,445.00
10 pax-6,370.00
2 pax- 9,950.00
3 pax-7,967.00
4 pax-6,975.00
5 pax-6,380.00
6 pax-6,603.00
7 pax-5,829.00
8 pax-5,713.00
9 pax-5,623.00
10 pax-5,550.00

This is the package we preferred, but they have cheaper alternatives and is willing to customize a package for your schedule.  We interchanged Day 1 with Day 3 because we want to spend our last night in Samal Island.

I intentionally postponed the down-payment up to the last minute because I was not sure if the rates are too much or just right.  After consultations with friends from Davao, I was assured that the package is a good deal.  Bulk of the cost goest to Pearl Farm and the White Water Package and the convenience of a private van was priceless especially on a rainy weather that greeted us when we arrived.

To book with PS Van and Travel:

0926 2700808
0928 2866974

The only remaining item on my Davao to do list was our City accommodation.   A friend recommended Green Windows because of their affordable rates and location within the downtown area. Through PS Van and Travel, they were able to secure us a discount of 800 pesos from the standard rates.  Dorm type rooms are also available for as low as 188 pesos.

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