Monday, May 5, 2014

My First Tattoo from Chilli ank Ink

For a long time, I always wanted to get inked.  It started when I set up our booth at Dutdutan a few years back. Victoria Court was one of the participating sponsor for the biggest event in the Ink industry.

I almost got myself inked that time, but was undecided on the artwork.  Also, i find it too expensive.

Then came a promo in Groupon offering a 65% discount for Black and Grey Tattoos.  I bought the 5x5 size worth 6000 pesos for only 1800.  My only problem now is the artwork.

I was looking for something that would best describe me as a person.  I'd like to be known as a traveler and and explorer.  I am constantly mobile and in a constant search of adventure.  I thought a compass would be the most appropriate symbol.

I came upon this artwork online and was immediately drawn to it.  But, for my first tattoo, I don't want want it to be something I just downloaded, I need to add a personal touch to it.  I need to add something that would describe me as a designer.

On my table that time were carved wooden scroll moulding left over from a project.  I then re sketched my tattoo integrating baroque scrolls inspired by the items on my table.  I also changed the major directions initials to Tagalog.  H for North, T for South, K for West and S for East.

With my finished artwork done, I then went to Chilli and Ink to have it done after scheduling my appointment.

While waiting, I was advised by the owner, that a crew from IBC 13 will be featuring their restaurant, and if it would be OK if they include me in the shoot.  Just my luck! I agreed not realizing that this might capture my pain on live TV.  I can't change my mind anymore, especially after they started the shoot with the owner introducing the the place, the food and the services offered.  It is an interesting concept after all.

After the tattoo artist Ryan Larosa prepped his things, I was called to the small both behind the dining area to get started.  The first contact was tolerable.  Painful but tolerable.  Then came the interview.  Fortunately, we had to stop the pricking while I answer the interviewers questions, because the sound of the equipment interferes with my response.  Otherwise, I would have stuttered with the pain.

Two hours into the session, the tolerable part of the ordeal is becoming less and less, and more and more painful.  After more than 3 hours, we were done.

I ended up paying additional 2000 pesos, because my design went beyond the 5x5 limit.  I should gotten myself another voucher, but was so impressed with the skill of the artist and did not mind the additional bucks.  Now I'm contemplating of expanding into the shoulder area, but still undecided with the design.  I'm also coming back to try their spicy food offerings!

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