Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vatel, A Taste of Something French Above Manila's Skyline

Located at the roof deck of CSB Hotel otherwise known as the Angelo King International Center, is the schools French Inspired restaurant named Vatel.

The Manila Skyline provides a romantic backdrop to a fine dining experience complimented with the impeccable service of student trainees.

It may appear to be intimidating, but a set meal of soup, main entree, and dessert only costs 500pesos.  Just ask the service staff for your options.

On my few visits, these were the items we've tried.

Chicken Breast with Blue Cheese Sauce and Grapes served with White Rice
Beef Bourguignon Stewed with Red Wine and Demi Glace

Cerveza Negra Ice Cream (This makes we want go come back!)
 Here's the The Restaurant Photos as grabbed from their FB Page.

 Vatel would be the perfect restaurant to bring that special someone!

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