Friday, October 9, 2015

Addicted to Pain, Addicted to I Love You, Thank You (#143TY)

The first time I saw the film, was just a few weeks after my short trip from Bangkok and Siam Reap last June.  A friend of mine shared a link of the trailer, and the sights of Silom and Angkor Wat brought back memories of my backpacking adventure.

The film was part of the World Premier Film Festival, and I was able to secure myself a ticket on one of the screening schedule at a popular mall close to the office.

It's a complicated love story of 4 Filipino Men, set in Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Unlike the the recent gay indie films that would require actors to show some skin, here the actors bare it all with their acting, complimented with a good story and direction.

I found myself so drawn to the individual characters, that even the straight audience beside me forgot that the characters were all male.

My biggest regret was not seeing the ending, because of an errand I need to attend with literally just minutes to go.

I was so restless that evening, searching for clues on what eventually happened to Pol and Red, to the point that I was texting my friend non stop past midnight.

I was not satisfied with his answer!  I know I need to watch the the film again in its entirety.

Finally, I got news of another screening in UP Diliman from their Facebook page last July 17.  I got myself a ticket and this time brought along my partner with me.

The 2nd time is just as painful as the first one.  Finally seeing the ending did not help either.

They did another screening at UP Los Banos last September.  I really wanted to watch it again, but the work schedule did not permit me to take the long drive to Laguna.

Another great news is that they are screening again at Glorietta and Trinoma on October 12 and 13.  I took the opportunity to invite friends with me.  Click on the link for tickets.

Congratulations to Joross Gamboa.  His portrayal of gay character was spot on.  His small gestures will make you "kilig", something  that would rival the #Aldub tandem.  A revelation in the film is Prince Stephan.  I have been a fan of his looks, but this was a showcase of his acting talent.  CJ Reyes and Ae Pattawan were also good, considering this is their introductory film.  Or is it?

Thank you to Charliebebs Gohetia for creating the best #hugot-lines of the year.  Thank you for the pain that is I Love You, Thank You!   It's so addicting that I am now checking airfares for Yangon.

The director made a cameo appearance you will only notice after seeing the film twice. Hehe!

Photo credit to I Love You, Thank You Facebook Page

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