Monday, October 12, 2015

Date Night at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

It's been more than 2 months since my partner moved to Cebu for work, and we have been coping with the long distance set-up.  We have been trying to visit each other as often as we can and fortunately for him, his works requires him to be in Manila every so often.  We originally planned for the 3rd weekend, but his work demanded he comes over last October 9 for his Monday meeting.

Photo credit to Barbara's Heritage Restaurant Facebook Page

This is his first weekend back in Manila and we want to make it special.  It was a friend's Facebook post that convinced us to try Barbara's in Intramuros.  I have heard about their dinner buffet that comes with cultural show, but its only this Saturday that we found time to actually visit.

I called the number posted on the web (+632 527 3893) to make reservation and found out that dinner service starts at 6:00PM and show starts at 7:15PM.

In spite of the traffic in Manila, we were able to arrive at Plaza San Luis Complex just before 7:00PM.  The buffet selection was a mix of Filipino and International dishes.  Don't expect a spread as huge as Vikings.  This is not the place to get get stuffed.  They offer 2 meat dishes, a fish option, vegetable, pasta, rice and soup, plus a separate station for dessert.  I think its a good deal for 699 pesos and lunch buffet is even cheaper at 549 pesos.  The crowd was a mix of locals, Balik-bayans, and tourists.

The buffet, offering a mix of International and Filipino food!

The Dessert Station

The Cultural show started as scheduled with the 3-man Rondalla, followed by a series of dances.  First, they highlighted the Spanish inspired dances, followed by the Muslim and was capped by the Fiesta theme.

The beautiful Curtural Dancers of Barbara's!
Audience we're given the opportunity to try out "Tinikling".  The dance that would challenge your coordination as you hop to the beat trying to avoid getting your feet trapped between the bamboo.

My attempt at Tinikling!

I really enjoyed the evening.  I like the Nostalgic Charm of the restaurant, the food, and Cultural show makes it worth the visit.  Plus, its a real value for money.

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