Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Temple Run at Angkor, Siam Reap, Cambodia

Waiting for the sun to rise at Angkor Wat!
My Tuktuk Driver arrived just in time for our 5:00 AM Meet-up.  I packed my bags and endorse it to the front desk, because it's check-out time when I get back.  It was still dark when we navigate our way from my hotel to the temple grounds.  You will need to pay for a pass to the temples.  If you're staying longer, you may opt to buy the 3 day, but in my case, I got the day pass for 20 USD.  The best time to come is during sunrise.  It rises behind Angkor Wat, and the sight of the details revealing itself as the sky brightens is breathtaking.  Also, it get's hotter at noon, and doing the tour in the morning makes it more comfortable.

The sun peeking behind the Temple

After exploring the Angkor Wat, I made a stop at the stalls to grab myself a bowl of noodles for breakfast.  I then went outside to proceed with the tour of the other Temples.

My breakfast, a bowl of Chicken Noodle!

The next we visited was my favourite. Ankor Thom, although smaller in scale than Angkor Wat is famous for the stone carved faces that adorns the towers.

The bridge to Angkor Thom, and the guardians of the gate.

The next place we visited was the Ancient Royal Palace.  They observe a strict dress code specifically for this sight, and I was not allowed entry because of my Tank Top.  You can explore the surrounding area, and cross the stone bridge leading to the gate.

The next site is the Elephant Balcony, which is connected to the Royal Palace.

After this stop, my Tuktuk Driver invited me to have lunch on one of the stalls right across.  Good thing, he brought along a few bottles of Angkor Beer and Water for our trip.  He also gave me a stick of what I initially thought as an ordinary cigarette.

After the resting my legs for a few minutes, I was back on the Tuk-tuk again for more temples.  We made a stop to the smaller one's right across each other.  I didn't  enter anymore, and just took photos of the exterior.

We went straight to what would be our last stop for the day, to the temple now popularly known as Tomb Raider.

I was awed with each site.  Each Temple has a unique characteristic to them.  It was fun, especially if your Tuktuk driver is like mine.  But it can be tiring, so be prepared for long walks and always keep a bottle of water with you.

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