Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Week, Puerto Galera 2012


White Beach, Puerto Galera is a popular destination during Holy Week, mainly because of its proximity to Manila.  Now, with the opening of the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road, the travel time to Batangas Port is faster and convenient.  I have been spending Holy Week in Galera yearly since 2004 except for 2010 when we got lured into exploring Palaui Island in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

It's good to note the improvement made by the port officials and the local government of white beach this year.

I started to pack my things due to the last minute decision to actually go.

Things to bring:
1 pair of walking shorts
1 Lightweight Pants
3 Winkle Free Shirt
2 Tank Top
1 Board Short
1 Swimming Short
3 underwear
Phone Charger
(though costly, other essentials are available on the stores along the beach)

Took a shower, had coffee, did a last minute check.

Walked our way to Buendia.
Withdraw cash from the ATM.  The nearest ATM in Puerto Galera is in Calapan, or the one at Batangas Port.  Never assume that your companions will be able to lend you money otherwise you'll starve.

Boarded the Bus at JAM Bus Terminal

Cruisin along SLEX

Arrived at Batangas Port
At first, I was expecting chaos.  I remember the long lines years back.  But this time, it more organized with separate terminals for those going to Calapan, Puerto Galera, and Super Cat.  We were assisted by a local for tickets and terminal fees for a tip, which is actually made it more convenient.  We were able to purchase tickets for the 5:00AM Father and Son boat bound for White Beach, Puerto Galera.
Inside, people are in line to board at the different gates.  I'm not really sure why people would like to get ahead of everyone on a scheduled boat departure.

Finally boarded the boat, after the long line at the gate.

Halfway through the 2 hour boat ride along Verde Passage

Trying to Dock

Boat had to turn around, we actually though we were going back!

Landed on White Beach Puerto Galera

Got settled at the resort.  During Holy Week, beach front accommodations are usually booked so better reserve in advance.  Its also good to establish a relationship with resort owners so they can give you good rates.

Had to sleep sideways, 7 in a room, there was a time when we were 9.
Cheaper residential accommodations are available but their located a few distance from the beach.  Tent areas are also available.

Typical White Beach Puerto Galera Itenirary:
Sleep all morning

10:00AM Brunch, Expect to wait for the service since most of the kitchens are not equipped to accommodate the outpour of guests during this time.

11:00AM WAlk around the beach, shop early before you consume all your cash on drinks.  You can also just chill at Coco Aroma.  The service sucks but its a good place to hang out.

2:00 PM Late Lunch, its best to take a late lunch since there's less diners.

4:00PM Start Drinking, some would start earlier.  Mindoro Sling is the drink of choice
You can also opt to get a massage, swim or explore other beach activities.

7:00PM  Dinner, Try the Kebabs available on most establishment.

8:00PM  Continue Drinking, Buy promo drinks from the ladies roaming around. You would not miss them.

10:00PM Party at Miggy's or Hiyas

1:00AM Sober Up at the Beach or Explore Jurassic (But the Dinosaurs are being haunted, so not much action lately)

3:00AM Sleep (Depends on whose bed)

10:00AM Brunch (start of another day)

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