Monday, April 30, 2012

Sulyap Gallery Cafe, San Pablo, Laguna

It was the day of our company summer outing.  Thinking I was already late to go to the meeting place, I decided to drive my way to Kabayan Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.  I left the house around 4 am, and breezed thru SLEX and Star Tollway arriving at the resort 2 hours later.
I arrived at the resort just in time for sunrise, and it was the first time I get to appreciate the beach this early in the morning.  It wasn't long until bus loads of my co-employees arrived at the resort.
According to the news, the mid day sun can be harmful so we decide to spend the first few hours swimming.  Like Boracay, the beach in Laiya, slopes gradually and the water gets clearer as you move away from the shore.
By lunch time, we decided rent a boat and go snorkeling.  Don't bother to go to the cave, since there's nothing much to see there.  Its best that you bring your own snorkel set or goggles, otherwise be prepared to shell out another 100php on the top of your boat rental for the snorkeling set.  The snorkeling site was teeming with small fish.  Although the look of the corals looks a bit disappointing, its thriving and I have actually seen worse.

What I am really writing about is my find on my way back.  Since I am driving by myself and it was still early in the afternoon, I decided to take the Candelaria, Tiaong route to Manila.  This way I will pass the town of San Pablo, Laguna.  Originally I was  going to check out Casa San Pablo.  I remember being referred to the resort by one of our Office Furniture Supplier, but I missed it due to a road construction near the gate entrance.
And since I was driving alone, I thought, Casa San Pablo is best visited with friends.  I tried to Google up other interesting cafe in the area, and Sulyap Gallery Cafe was on top of the search list.  Since I am in the vicinity, I looked it up on my foursquare and follow the pinned location on my Iphone map.  I missed the turn to the entrance, since the sign is facing the other direction.  I have to turn around since i am moving the opposite direction on the map.  The street leads to the Iron Gate Entrance of Sulyap Gallery Cafe.  My first impression of the compound was an old institutional building, but right across it are two Fil-Hispanic Houses, and one of them is the Cafe.
I was the only guest when I arrived, and immediately I was drawn to the wooden furniture, the white linen and the antique collection at the ground floor dining area.  I choose the table with a window view of the garden.

The menu consist of creative preparations of using local ingredients.  I tried the Tulingan Pasta and their brewed coffee in preparation to the long drive back to Manila.

The pasta was great, although I would have wanted to try more items from their menu.  At least I have another reason to go back.

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