Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Oriental Experience: Why do I need a Bicol Weekend Getaway?

The Oriental Legazpi has an on-going facebook promotion.  It is now on its third phase, with a 3D/2N stay with breatfast plus a Legazpi City Tour as its grand prize. The contest is until June 22, 2012.

Please check out their website for complete mechanics:
The Oriental Legazpi
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This is my entry on why I need a Legazpi Weekend Getaway

As a child, when airfares were so expensive, I remember Legazpi as one of our stopover on the 26-hour bus ride to Borongan, Eastern Samar.  I remember looking out of the bus window to see the imposing Mayon Volcano at the distance.  I was so amazed on how the shape doesn’t change even though we are navigating around it.

A few decades later, in September of 2010, I had the opportunity to explore the city with friends.  It brought back that childhood memory as I gazed at the imposing volcano across the Albay Gulf.

That time, I was able to tour the sights, and sample the delicious food that Bicol has to offer.  It’s so easy to fall in love with Legaspi.  I said to myself, should I find my special someone, I would definitely bring him to the city.

By 2011, I already found that special someone, and Legaspi was part of our weekend getaway for the year.  We took advantage of the promo fares and booked for March.
On our first day, we went directly to Embarcadero for lunch and to enjoy the view of Mayon as our backdrop.  The lunch was great, but the volcano was covered in clouds that only a little portion of the base was visible.  We went to Lignon Hill and Cagsawa the next day, but still the mountain was not visible.  Rains poured on the third day so we just stayed indoors and explored the mall.
Taken on the same spot as my first photo, what's missing?
At Lignon Hill, what's missing?
At Cagsawa, again, what's missing?

Our return flight was cancelled due to bad weather, so we thought that since we have another day to spare, maybe the mountain would show her majesty to us. But even that didn’t happen.  We left the city without seeing the famous Mt. Mayon.  Although the food and sights were great, we felt that our experience was incomplete and now, looking for an opportunity to go back.
To the Oriental Hotels and Resorts, please help us in making this dream to reality.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience to us and I really impressed with it. This coming weekend we have also getaway and this will be exciting.

    1. Thanks nehvabby! Dont forget to join the followers list above by signing in, or just simply share my blogs! Enjoy your getaway!

  2. Hi Omar thanks for the reply and I really appreciated it. I just sign in as your follower and don't worry I will share your blog. Do you have a twitter account so that I can follow you and be updated about your blog. By the way I will post our weekend getaway on my blog soon so you just check it out after. Thanks again.


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