Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ace Water Spa Buffet, Real Value for Money

We are big fans of eat all you can buffets. Name it, chances are, we've tried them!
Of all the places we've eaten, our most value for money would be the dinner and lunch buffet at Ace Water Spa Coffee Lounge.
 For 550++ pesos, you will get the most diverse buffet selection with unlimited supply of drinks.
Unlike most buffets that offers the typical Filipino dishes, at ACE you can sample a wide variety from Asian to European.  Too bad, the introductory promo ends this June.  By July, the price would be 899++.  Grab this chance now!

Desser Station: Cakes, Tarts, Flavored Panna Cotta

Japanese Food Station: Maki, Teriyaki, Noodles, Sushi

Halo Halo Station and Candy Station

Shabu-Shabu Hot Pot Station

Pasta Station

Roasting Station

Prepared Salads


Asian Appetizers

Caviar, Pate, Spreads and Breads


DIY Salad Station

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Asian favorites

Drink Station

Fresh Fruit Section

Main Courses

Make your own rice topping

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  1. We were able to avail the late lunch buffet promo price and had a blast dining there. Do read on http://sasaramosyap.blogspot.com/2012/11/staycation-ace-cafe-lounge-pasig-ace.html


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