Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ramen Cool: Happiness in Bowl Part 2

Ramen Cool is one place where you would have to back again and again just to try all the items in their menu.

On my third visit, we got to try the Sukiyaki with the glass noodles and savory sweet broth topped with beef and vegetables.  An egg is added just as the noodle is served.

My advice to diners, the noodle serving is huge and can easily serve two people unless you really have a big appetite.  If you have a partner with you, order individual rice meals and split the noodles into two, or order the fried rice bowl and choose among the selection of viands.  We ordered the friend rice and the Tonkatsu which we also shared consuming a bill of less than 500 for two.  This allows you to try a wider selection every visit.

Ramen Cool is located at the corner of East Capitol Dr. and West Capitol Dr. in Pasig

Here's what we had on our 2nd visit! My recommended combination!
Chicken Teriyaky

Chicken Curry

Kimchi Ramen

Read about our first visit to Ramen Cool:


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