Friday, August 10, 2012

The Collective: A Collection of Treasures in One Roof

The Collective located along Malugay near Pres. Osmena Highway is literally walking distance from our house.  I always pass by the warehouse complex on my way to Ayala.  It was only when I got invited to an Art exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl, February of last year, that I was able to explore the treasures hidden behind the modest facade.

Among the artist featured were my friends:
Ren Quinio

and Mhelen Hassim.
I was surprised that such a place exist within the business district of Makati.  It reminded me so much of Cubao Expo, but the establishments here are totally different, minus the Marikina Shoes as well.
Here, you will find Art Galleries, Design Studios, Furniture and Thrift Shops, Novelty Items, and Restaurants.  It also houses B Club, that serves as venue for musical performances of different genres.

On a separate visit, we got to try Wingman, one of the popular food establishment fronting the main street.  The menu has the staple burgers and fries and very American.  What people go back to are the chicken wings, flavored with different sauces, and heat from their chili variants.  It's a very relaxed place where you can have a bottle or two of Ice Cold Beers complimented with the wings and nobody would get mad at you for being messy.  Actually it's anticipated, they will even give you plastic gloves, since the only way to eat wings is with your hands.

Recently, we went back again, this time to try Caldas Pizza.  They are known for the size of the Pizza that goes as big as 36 inches.  That's the size of a coffee table.  It was so good that its consumed in minutes.

The rain was pouring hard while we were eating, and we watched as the flood rises in the street to gutter level.  Thinking that the rain would eventually stop, we treated ourselves to dessert at the establishment beside it. Mochiko.

This was new to me.  It was an ice cream covered with a sticky rice shell that comes in different flavors.

The rain did not show any signs of stopping and the water is rising very fast that we decided to end our visit to The Collective and move to our coffee destination.  And yes, as a warning, the street gets flooded during heavy rains so schedule your visit.

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