Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Soi11, Bangkok Street Food in Makati

Originally, my friends and I planned to go to Puerto Galera for Holy Week.  So on the day of our departure early Maundy Thursday morning, one friend did not show up!  His excuse is that he would open a food stall in time for Easter Sunday.

Fast forward a few weeks later, I was stuck in traffic because of the campaign rallies being organized in the communities that I decided to give the place a try.  A friend of mine who was present in the opening gave me the name of the place and street.  Armed with my reliable map application, I found the place at the corner of Batangas St. and Rockefeller St. Baranggay San Isidro, Makati.

The name of the stall was SOI11.  Soi in Thai means a street branching from a major street, which is ideal due to its proximity to the South Luzon Expressway and Gil Puyat Ave. The number 11 is the street address.

The food stall which houses the small kitchen is surrounded by tables with umbrellas giving that authentic Bangkok Street food ambiance which what the place claims to provide.  The real crowd drawer though is the food that they serve.  On top of the Thai classics like the Pad Thai and Tom Yum, Soi11 offers a variety of curries in different meat and seafood options.  Since all dishes are prepared fresh, they can customize the spiciness to your liking.

So far I was only able to sample the Pad Thai, and The Chicken Stir Fry with Sausage and Pineapple on my first visit, and the Chicken with Red Curry and Basil on my 2nd Visit.  Instantly it reminded you of the strong flavors and balance typical of Thai cuisine.

Bong the owner informed that most of their ingredients are imported directly from Thailand and that he actually tries to grow varieties of fresh Basil on the planter beside the stall.

In-spite of being established less than a month ago, customers are slowly picking up and regulars like me are coming back.  I can’t wait to bring my friends to sample their other offerings.


  1. Thank you so much Omar for this fabulous blog! I luuuv it! ;)


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