Sunday, May 12, 2013

Steak at Snackaroo and Popcorn Flavored Gelato at Afters for Mother's Day

I originally planned to go to Zambales for what remains of the Election long weekend.  Early in the morning, I received texts from my companions backing out.  I was so disappointed that I packed my bags and decided to go to Boracay for an overnight stay.  It would not be the first time that I would take the 10-hour RORO journey to the island.  

I was ready to leave with my bags and my basic essentials in tow, but then I could not get a cab.  While waiting, it dawned on me the effort it would take to get there for a mere overnight stay.  

I went back to the house and just slept over my disappointment.  It was my hunger that woke me up.

With nothing to do, I am reminded once again of the beach that I was supposed to go to.  To get my mind off things, I decided to have my car washed and satisfy my food craving for the day, which are noodles.  I tweeted my plan and Heath, a friend who also loves to eat came to the rescue with an invitation to go food tripping.

Together with his partner, we visited Snackaroo, a hole in the wall steakhouse along Judge Jimenez in Quezon City that serves a mean T-bone and Porterhouse among the many other selection from their menu. I think I could eat 3 servings of the porterhouse steak easily but decided to try the sisig for variety. (After finishing my first serving of the Steak... hahaha).

After the satisfying meal, we are on the lookout for desserts.  Good reviews and tempting pictures brought us to Afters Espresso and Desserts along Tomas Morato.

Originally we were having cakes, but were introduced to the many flavors of their gelatos by the owner.  We sampled flavors that included popcorn, mint and caramel.  

Nothing lifts the spirit more than dessert and mine came in the form of Mint Chip Gelato.

Thanks Heath and Jann for the great meal and company.

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