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Antipolo Rediscovered Part 1: Crescent Moon Cafe

I'm only speaking for myself, But Antipolo would be the last place on my mind for a weekend destination.  Maybe because of its close proximity to Manila that I feel I'm  not really leaving the city and that I'm not familiar with the City's attraction other than the Church and Hinulugang Taktak which doesn't really have a good review.

That's why I'm surprised to see pictures of Pinto Art Musuem from one of my FB friends and she recommended the itinerary to have lunch first at Crescent Moon Cafe in preparation for the walking tour of the Museum.

I was browsing for directions to go to Crescent Moon and found out its by reservation only, and that lunch is only served from 12PM-2PM.

Read about the directions and contact details here:
Crescent Moon Cafe

We left the house in Makati past 10AM to pick up other friends and was along Ortigas Avenue Extension by 11AM.  Traffic was starting to build up, and reached Tikling Road a few minutes past 12.  The signage pointing to the Cafe was small and its easy to miss the turn like we did.  Fortunately, people are helpful in giving directions.

Near the entrance is where they make pots, and the restaurant is just a few meters behind it after the large Koi pond.  The dining area itself is very basic with wooden chairs and tables.  What stood out are the colorful table cloth and their very own plates topped with woven checkered napkins.

There are only two consistent items on the Crescent Moon Lunch Menu, the appetizer and dessert.  We were made to interact with the appetizer by making a roll out of Alagaw leaves stuffing it with a variety of fillings that included chopped red onions, green mangoes, ginger, toasted coconut, green chili, basil leaves, dried shrimps and the sweet brown sauce.

Alagaw Appetizer
Topped the filling with the sauce instead of dipping the roll.

During our visit, the appetizer was followed by a pumpkin soup with young coconut shavings.  The viands came after.  We had Chicken Curry, Grilled Salmon, and Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables.  We ended the meal with the other specialty, Suman (wrapped and steamed sweetened sticky rice) with a slice of ripe mango.  The meal costs 350php per person.

Pumpkin Soup with Young Coconut Shavings
Rice and Chicken Curry
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Grilled Salmon
Wrapped Sweetened Sticky Rice with Mango

After the meal, I looked around the displays of the pottery being sold at the Cafe and just before leaving, we visited the work area where they cast, mold, and paint their pottery products.

Items for Sale
Pottery for Sale
Work Area

Drying Area

Drying Area

Painting Area

Pots being dried on the ground
We left the cafe around 2PM.

Complete Antipolo Road Trip Itinerary:

10:00 AM Called 02-6583866 Crescent Moon Cafe contact number to make reservations
10:30 AM Pick up friends in Mandaluyong
11:00 AM Gas Up at Ortigas Extension (500php)
12:25 PM Arrived at the Cafe
1:30 PM Finished Lunch (350php/head) Toured the pottery production area, Depart for Pinto Art Museum
2:00 PM Arrived at Pinto Art Museum (150php/head Entrance Fee)
3:15 PM Depart for Cafe Lupe
3:45PM Arrived at Cafe Lupe (150php/head estimated budget for a pizza and drink)

Road trip budget per head: 775php/head

The Pinto Art Museum visit is going to be featured on my next blog entry.  Please make sure to follow.

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