Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Moulin Rouge Suite at Victoria Court

If I were asked what's my favorite design for Victoria Court, It would have to be The Moulin Rouge Suite.

It was very timely that when I joined the company 7 years ago, they were just introducing thematic party rooms with Austin Powers and suites with Matrix.  That time, I was just familiarizing myself with the process and was focused more on improving the designs of the regular rooms, since X-men is under construction already.

It was only when we were designing the Oval Office that I fully grasped the responsibility of being the Chief Designer.  When it was completed, I felt that it catered more to the male market that it brought the need for a room that's more feminine.  My boss suggested the Moulin Rouge Concept.

That time, I'm not really sure if its just me or that there's a trend for Asian/Indian Eclectic Interiors, that I immediately thought of the Elephant Room in the movie. It was the lavish details that attracted me to the concept, the love story was just incidental.  I was so sold on the concept and was excited to come up with the design.

To have my design approved, I need to be able to let the guest experience the story the moment they enter the garage.  Fortunately, I was able to keep the original design pegs.  Helping me develop the concept that time was my Interior Designer Dara.

We designed the garage to look like a Theater.  We want it to be an introduction to the role-playing that guest experience when they enter the main room.  We added fabric-padded walls, antique looking wall lamps, and red velvet curtains revealing the name of the room.  A carpeted platform serves as the tire guard.  We changed the handrail and balusters to wood and added carpets.

The Double Main Door is leather padded to match the theater theme.

Since we're recreating the Elephant room, and its impossible to fit it an 80sqm room, we just focused on the important element.  The prominent feature is the continuous heart shaped arches that we achieved by tilting the entrance at a 45-degree angle so that it opens diagonally making it appear longer. 

We created the dome details with a gold painted plywood shell covered with iron scrolls.  The heart shaped arch is repeated at the bed entrance and ends at the heart shaped window with the view of a model of the Eiffel Tower.  The ceiling is painted black with fiber optic stars.  The flooring is also glazed black to reflect the ceiling.

Inside the dome, we changed the flooring to wood covered with area rugs.  The dining set is custom hand carved wood.  Curtains in purple and gold frames the entrance and tassels make it more elaborate.

The bed area has a real mattress compared to the typical motel mattress.  It also comes with bedding's, comforter and sheets.  The bed area is fully carpeted with a separate TV and dresser.

The balcony area features a swing with a panoramic view of Paris.  The balcony skyline has no corners to hide the termination of the walls to the ceiling.  We placed mirrors at the bottom of the balcony to create the illusion of height.  We took apart the same wall lamp from the garage as lighting to the balcony.  Lamp post are added as well a garden set for additional seating.  What makes it special is the swing inside a small gazebo that can carry two persons.

The Jacuzzi can fit 10 persons and fiber optics adorns the walls and ceiling.  Adjacent to it is the bar with mini ref. stocked with beverages.  It also comes with a smoking room for parties.  The room is party equipped with a Karaoke system, 2 televisions sets and a separate Toilet and Dresser.

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  1. Hi! I would like to know how I can get in touch with the designer of Moulin Rouge. Thank you

    1. Hi Noemi, I was the Chief Designer for that project.


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