Monday, September 30, 2013

A Weekend of First's

The past weekend was very memorable for me.  I would compare it to winning a luxury vacation for 2 days.  It was a weekend of first's!

1. First time to ride a Helicopter

Saturday started with us getting a helicopter ride to our secret destination and was allowed to take the pilot's seat.  It took us 20 minutes to reach the place that would take 4 hours by land.  The view from above is spectacular.  Unlike planes where you are above the sea of clouds, on the chopper, you get to appreciate the aerial view of the ground with more detail.

2.  First time to see all the Bahay-kubo Vegetables in one garden!

The owners love for fruit and vegetable is reflected on their farm.  They group their produce into different sections.  Fruit bearing trees are in one area, and also the vegetable garden.  They keep them organic using natural fertilizers and avoid pesticides.  All of these crops are within 18 hectares of vegetation, using only a portion for the development of the rest house and cabanas.

3. First time to ride a family boat!

This boat is different.  It's the convertible of boats with a reclining canopy.  The seats are leather upholstered with carpeted floors!

4. First time to taste Chicken Kare Kare with Almonds instead of peanuts, and mascovado sweetened bagoong!

I missed out on taking photos of this one, but I'm sure you know that it tastes really good just by the description!

5. First time to have a lake side cabana to myself.

6. First time to ride a UTV
7. First time to windsurf!

All these happened in one weekend!
This is my new boss's way of getting to know the people that works for him.

Thank you Sir, for the generosity and the inspiration.  Letting us experience these things and allowing us to take a glimpse of your lifestyle makes us want to strive more to be successful in what we do.

Hopefully this wont be the last!

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