Monday, September 9, 2013

Designing a Small Space, Studio Unit at Hidalgo Place

Having worked for the Motel industry for more than 7 years, I am more comfortable in designing smaller spaces.  In 2011, It was not hard to convince me to agree  to design a studio-condominium unit at Hidalgo Place, Rockwell drive in Makati. 

My challenge was to incorporate as much day to day amenities on a 24 sqm unit.

It was clear that I would have to strategically use mirrors to create the illusion of space.  In this case I used it on the wall to the small dinette fronting the bed.  I added a double bed flushed to wall, but added wall padding on the side to make it more comfortable and not cold to the touch that concrete feels..  I had drawers built below the bed.  The foot board becomes a small seating for guests with drawers below.  All around the room were overhead shelves to store books, magazines and other items.  I have placed the microwave oven on top of the refrigerator on custom made shelves.

This was my proposed design and the finish product:
I have used 2 layers of Roman Shade, The Combi Blinds allows natural light and appreciation of the view while the Blackout provides privacy at bight.

Mirrors are placed along the same side of the wall doubling the space.  Stools that doubles as storage were used.
Wood grain wallpaper are a nightmare.  I should have just used ribbon grain plywood and stained.
I have added a small seating area fronting the TV
I have added mirrors between the top and bottom kitchen cabinets to make the counter space appear bigger

Given the opportunity, I want to be able to design more of this.

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  1. Hi. May I know what washer and dryer brand did you use for this unit? I saw the dryer is on top of washer. Exactly what I had in mind.


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