Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Rules, New Rooms

Change is inevitable, and at times hard to accept.  That's what I experienced recently with work.  I have a new boss!  We'll, with my more than 7 years in the company, I have worked for different types of bosses and I thought by now I am used to it.

This is different.  Not only it's a change of management, but a total turn-around in terms of design direction.  Before, we were all about innovation and exceeding our competitors in terms of guest experience and wow factor.  Now, design is sidelined by practicality and function.  As a designer, and artist, its the environment that nurtures creativity that we want.  I thought it would be hard with the transition, but we just need to approach things positively.  

I just compare the transition as having a new client who has a different vision for the project.  As designers, this is what we have to deliver, but putting our touch to it.  During the last days, we have figured ways to make things favorable for us.  Whenever we present an incomplete proposal, it allows the client to manipulate our design as compared to a complete proposal.  Still, there are suggestions, but its mostly on function and practically as opposed to changing the look.

Just recently, I am given the task to focus more on design and let go of my leadership function.  I am embracing this new challenge, after all, I was hired to design being the Chief Designer.  I'm glad that my new boss still encourages creativity, and with his new chapter in my career, I have the opportunity to create original designs I can be truly proud of.

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