Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Places To Eat in Chinatown, Binondo

Having lived in Nueva Street, just 3 blocks away from the famous Ongpin Street for quite a number of years, I have listed my favorite places to eat in Chinatown, Binondo.

1. Tasty Dumpling's Pork Chop with Rice
The meal comes with free buttered vegetable side dish and soup.  It also comes in a noodle soup version.
Pork Chop Rice for 105 pesos

Pok Chop Noodle for 105 pesos

2. Chuan Kee
I have been coming here as a kid.  That time I can only afford a Kiampong and Asado Egg.  Now that I can afford it, my favorites expanded to their other menu items like the Lechon Kawali and Pork Asado.
The place have improved so much as to how I remember it as Kid.  Although they are brighter and much sanitary now, I still preferred the old place.
3. Eng Bee Tin
Known to Filipinos worldwide for their Hopia in different flavors.  They also have Siopao, Tikoy and Pastillas among many others.

4. La Resurrection Tablea Chocolates
This is something to bring home.  The scent of chocolate will lure you to their small stand beside Tasty Dumplings near Eng Bee Tin.

5. Mr. Ube
There are countless noodle houses in the area, but this one serves international varieties including Laksa.
6. Estero
Before Dampa came to be, there was Estero, a food complex bordering the estuaries in Ongpin where you can have meals prepared fresh to your liking.  Rare exotic dishes are also served, like frogs and snakes.

7. The President Grand Palace Restaurant
The place reminds me of the movie The Wedding Banquet.  They serve Lauriat style and my favorite is the Prawn Salad.  I'm allergic to shellfish but it was worth the risk.  Last time I went here, I left with swollen lips.

8. Wai Ying
This is what we visit the most.  A real value for money with big servings.  The popular items are the Dimsum, Dumplings, Noodles, Congee, Rice Toppings and Roasted Items.

9. Star Fastfood
This reminds me of the old Chuan Kee, when it was still called C.K. Sen Hwa.  It's no frills, no fuzz delicious Chinese food.  The price is very reasonable.

10. Panciteria Manosa
One of the oldest surviving restaurants in Binondo, they are popular for their Pancit.  On one visit, I was able to try the biggest Siomai I have ever seen in my life.

11. Delicious
It's another Panciteria along Soler St..  Among the other popular items would be their Maki and Fried Chicken.

12. Ramon Lee
Another old restaurant near Sta. Cruz popular for their Fried Chicken.
13. The Turo Turo at the Wet Section of Divisoria Market
My favorite merienda as a kid is their Palabok.  The taste remains consistent to this day.  I make it a point to eat here every time I am in the area.

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