Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28 Days Before Christmas in Dapitan

Home Decors in Dapitan started literally on the streets with vendors selling export overruns and slightly defected items at a very low cost. As the year progresses, Dapitan Arcade was built to house the street sellers to a more permanent structure. Although temporary stalls still exists on the streets of Dapitan and Kanlaon, Dapitan Arcade is still thriving throughout the years selling ceramics, metal crafts, home decors and small furniture.  

During Christmas, the Arcade transforms to a Christmas Alley with all the Decorations on Sale.

It's my favorite place to look for accents to dress up an interior especially if your on a tight budget. The best time to come is on a mid afternoon during weekdays since it becomes packed with people on weekends and holidays.  Always haggle! They always mark up the items by a few hundreds of pesos.

Dapitan Arcade is located at the Corner of Kanlaon and Dapitan Street in Quezon City.  From Quezon Avenue going to Espana, Kanlaon is where the Burger King stands on the corner. Just follow the road and you're bound to see the arcade.

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