Thursday, November 28, 2013

Victoria Court's Top Model Suite: Vintage Glam

Victoria Court has been known it's thematic rooms since it started.  In the last seven years, we've taken the thematic design to a next level by designing not only the space, but the experience as well.   We have started with the Austin Party Room followed by X-Men and Matrix in 2006.   Then came the Oval Office (2007), Moulin Rouge (2008), Venice (2009), Jasmine and Star Trek (2010), Cirque in 2011, and the early part of 2013 saw the launching of Thor and 50 Shades.

For this launch, we are taking the thematic experience to our branches with the Top Model Suites Series.  It was inspired by the Modelling Reality Show based in the U.S.  The idea for the rooms are backdrops for different fashion shoot.

Victoria Court Las Pinas is offering Vintage Glam.  The details and patterns are classic Victorian with the damask pattern and chunky moulding, made modern by the lines and construction.  The room features large seating for parties equipped with lights and karaoke system.  It also has a large bed, whirlpool tub, 45" flat screen TV and Mini Bar stocked with beverages.  Guests are also guaranteed of the impeccable service Victoria Court is known for.  Visit Vintage Glam Room only at Victoria Court Las Pinas.

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