Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorating a Luau Inspired Party

I was requested to decorate our backdrop for our company Christmas Party.  Since our venue is a Swimming Pool Lounge, the committee decided to adapt the Luau theme.  With a limited budget of 8K, I decided to just buy the decorative items instead of making them to save time as well.

I found pinwheel flowers at Anding's Toys and Flowers inside a building along Sta. Elena St. in Divisoria.  These are the same flowers pinwheels you would normally see being sold together with gardening and landscaping supplies going to Tagaytay from Sta. Rosa.

What I did was to take some apart and cascaded them on the side of a printed tarp.  I have assembled some sets and attached them to the side panels for movement and depth.

The flower pinwheel costs 70-100 pesos depending on the size.  Here's the finished set-up.

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