Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

I can't resist an invite to visit new places, especially a secluded beach I haven't been to.  I received an invite from friends going to Burot beach during the last week of March for April 5-6.

Since I have nothing to do, we'll actually I have tons of things to do, but the opportunity is too good to pass out.  Plus, the pictures I've googled about the place is so tempting.

Our scheduled meeting time is 10 AM, but due to late arrival of companion and changes on meeting place, we left the South Bound Provincial Bus Terminal at NAIA Rd. around noon.  We took the Nasugbu bound bus, because the Calatagan bound has no air condition, and looks as if it has no plans of leaving. Three hours later, we arrived at the town of Lian.  This is where the Nasugbu bound bus makes a turn to the opposite direction to Nasugbu.  There, we waited for a mini bus to Calatagan, while others ordered a quick snack from a convenience store at the corner.  Bus going to Calatagan is very rare, and we don't want to wait any longer.  Instead, we went to the public market where there are jeeps departing as soon as it gets filled.  Luckily, we were the ones that filled the jeep and immediately went on our way.

The jeep took us to the Public Market in Calatagan.  There, we purchased our provisions for the night and the next morning.  Also, our tricycle driver contact picked us up and took us to the Beach.  It is still 15-30 minutes ride from the market.  We passed by a fenced property, over rough roads that seem to traverse mangroves and fish pens.  Towards the end is the stretch of white sand that is known as Burot Beach.  We arrived just in time for sunset, and it was breath taking.

Since, its the start of Summer, the beach is more crowded than I expected.  The shaded areas were occupied and we pitched our tent on a clearing above the beach.

Immediately, we started preparing our meals.  Actually, my friends started preparing our meals since, they don't trust my cooking skills.  There are toilet facilities in the area, but you have to wait for your turn, since the line gets longer as the beach becomes crowded.  There's also a store that sells ice and just about everything that you would need.  They even rent out tents.  Some guests would even drive their vehicle to the beach and camp beside it.

I still managed to swim while the sun was still out.  The evening was spent eating and drinking and star gazing.  We were blessed with a clear sky that evening and I managed to see a shooting star.  That was until the red horse took over me, because all of them seemed to be dancing.  Thanks to the store nearby, I think I managed to finish two grande.

It was surprisingly cool that evening.  That afternoon, my tent struggled with the wind.  The next morning was different story.  It was hot and humid by 8 AM, and since were at a clearing, It became unbearable for us, that we decided to pack earlier than our itinerary.  We left the place around 10 AM on board a bus from Calatagan Market straight to the South Bound Provincial Bus Terminal near Macapagal.

As usual, Robb, our organiser made it fun with new found friends who are just as eager to discover new places.
Our small group, with Robb taking the picture!

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