Friday, August 15, 2014

Volcanic Grill, My Recent Palanan Discovery

Baranggay Palanan in Makati is a typical residential area until the expansion of Cash and Carry that gave way to business opportunities from once a sleepy neighbourhood.

Residents have become creative in converting unused areas and extension of their home converting it into stores, laundry shops, and in this case a restaurant specialising on grilled items.  It took us 3 years before discovering Volcanic Grill along Faraday St., considering that we live a few blocks away.

Its in the area where motorists don't normally pass.  From the street, you will see an open gate where wooden tables are arranged underneath a tent lighted with huge organic woven drop lights.

Their menu is a collection of Filipino and Asian favourites.  Apart from the grilled items, they also have curries and other asian dishes.  They have monthly specials in case you get bored with their usual offerings.

On this visit we tried the Yellow Curry Chicken and the Katsu Curry, with the Clams in Broth and an order of the Gising Gising.

The place is also conducive to drinking with the sound just loud enough so you can still talk with your companions.  The price is very reasonable, although it takes them a long time to prepare and serve the meals.

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