Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Make the Most of Your Off Peak Palawan Trip the Cheapest Way (Tip No. 6)

Tip No. 6: Charge all your gadgets at Night

Electricity in El Nido is only available from 5PM until early morning the next day.  I completely forgot about this since we arrived late in the afternoon. We woke up the next morning without electricity and was so glad that we charged our gadgets the night before.

Also, maximise your tour, and estimate your return to the time electricity is available.  The last destination in Tour A which is the 7 commando beach is a perfect destination to kill time.  There are stores that sell beers and drinks, even halo-halo.  It's a nice place to watch the sunset or to take an afternoon dip.

This was the only store during my first visit last year.  Now 2 more opened,
with cheaper prices per bottle than the original store.

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