Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tour of GK Enchanted Farm

It was a feature on Kris TV in 2013 that introduced me to Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.  I wasn't able to see the entire segment, but what I was able to catch was enough to get me interested and look it up online.

I came upon their website, and was glad that they actually have tour packages.

I have scheduled a visit that December, but Yolanda beat us to the date.   I was so glad when I was assigned a small project at the Enchanted Farm for my boss.  Instantly, I became friends with people working in the farm and scheduled a visit to conduct an ocular, that led to a series of visits.

How to get to GK Enchanted Farm:

Image grabbed from the GK Website

The Entrance of the Farm during the GK Expo
The first structure that will greet you after the entrance is the Hyundai Center for Green Technology.
It's a convention facility that uses glass and bamboo as the main material.  In this area is the SEED or the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development that helps impoverished kids connecting them with the best minds as teachers.

Hyundai Center Lobby

Check out the drop lights made from recycled cups.

Floor Accent made from broken Glass
I was fortunate to witness the GK Expo on my last visit.  Products from the different Socio Entrepreneurs are in showcase.

Plush & Play Products

Cleverly named after local celebrities like
Buco Martin and Anne Kamatis

The Popular Bayani Brew!
Who would have thought that a Talbos ng Kamote
can be turned into a refreshing drink.


Dragon Fruit Ice Cream

On regular days, their souvenir shop sells some of these items.

Beside the Store is the GK Center for Culture and Arts called Arch Angel.

Across, you will find the Restaurant and Cafe named Berjaya.  Food served here uses locally grown vegetables, fish from their farm, meats from their poultry and livestock.

You will pass by the resettled community as you walk your way inside towards the farm areas.  Our tour guide mentioned that what we see during the tour is just 10% of the entire property.  The remaining area are devoted to farming.

Among the other structures in the farm are the following:

The Bamboo Pavilion 

IASIS, is a spa facility also offering accommodations.

Center For Bayanihan Economics

The centre hosts trainings and also houses their own bank. The structure is also a rain water harvesting facility that uses the collected water for irrigation.

The roof were designed to direct rain water to the basin below.
The deck on the second level allows you to see how expansive the property is.

These are just few of the developments going on inside the farm.  They will build more structure to accommodate housing for the school and other conference and convention facility.

Scale Model of the Development for GK Enchanted Farm

They also let us see the different produce and plants they grow as well the livestock and poultry area.  What's fun about the experience is that they let us touch and actually taste some of the things they grow.

The tour guide does not only give information about the areas, but will educate you of the culture of Gawad Kalinga and its aim to End Poverty through the Walang Iwanan concept.

The Ube Farm

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