Monday, December 8, 2014

Shopping for Christmas Lanterns

Putting up "Parols" or Christmas Lanterns have been a long time Filipino tradition during the holidays.

It has however evolve with technology.  Now, the candle lit paper lanterns have versions made from recycled materials to capiz and rope lights.

For me, the most practical would be the bamboo frame, covered in plastic with bulbs.  I have tried using Capiz, but because of global warming, when typhoon season extends to the Christmas season, its just impractical, especially when hanged on trees open to strong winds.


The LED rope lights are more resilient, but would more expensive to repair, especially when the wiring breaks causing short circuit.

The bamboo versions are less complicated.  I would  buy those with single bulbs that does not flicker.  The colours are from the plastic covering.  I have found a place in Las Pinas that still makes them the traditional way.  Although, the paper is replaced by plastic and the candle with electrical bulbs, its still very traditional in the sense that the framing is made from bamboo and the task communal involving neighbours and friends.

Another plus is that it cost 1/3 of the Capiz version ranging from 50 pesos to 500 for the big ones.  They can also custom made colours and designs to your liking.

The Parol Makers of Las Pinas can be found at the Plaza Quezon along Quirino Avenue after the famous bamboo Organ if coming from Paranaque.

You may contact Ate Baby for your requirements:
Ate Baby

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