Monday, January 12, 2015

A Date with the Kids of Chosen Children's Village

The UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter had its Christmas Party last December 16, 2014.  We intentionally decided not splurge for the celebration, so that we can share whatever we save for the event to treat kids of the Chosen Children's Village to Day out of the home and do something fun.

Some members were generous enough to sponsor kids out of their own pockets.  I call them the Chapter Ninong's and Ninang.

I was able to arrange the activity weeks prior.  It was during my visit last September that got me connected to the foundation, the people working there and the Kids.  We chose December 28, to move away from the parties organised by other groups.

To let them experience something new, I have chosen Nuvali as our venue.  Its not far, and they have outdoor activities unique to place.

I met the 8 kids at 11:30 AM in time for lunch.  Together with them is Mama Joy, their caregiver, Papa Jack, the driver and their teacher.

We started with lunch at Tonkatsu.  The staff at the restaurants were amazed on how polite and well mannered these kids were.

After lunch, we were off to feed the fishes.  It was their first time to see that many fish up close.

We then went in line for the boat ride.  The queue were long, so we decided to have ice cream while waiting.

The boat ride was a short 8 minute tour of the lake.

After the boat ride, I treated them to a train ride and the kids car for a few minutes.  Just before we parted ways, I brought them to Bench to pick out an item they want.  Some of the kids picked out shirts.

Before we knew it, It was almost 5PM.  I would have to admit, I wish I could have more time with them, but we had ran out of things to do.

In behalf of the Kids, I would like to thank our Chapter, UAP Manila Corinthian, and our Chapter Ninongs and Ninangs for making the event possible for these kids.

Thank You!
1. Boysen Paints
2. Jonathan Galano-Tan
3. Sherryl and Clang
4. Ghe and Andrea
5. Gabbie Cascante
6. Omar Palero
7. Rommel Ripotola
8. Patrick Rodriguez
9. Vhic and Sheyne

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