Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zubuchon: Why I Keep Coming Back to Cebu

This year, the United Architects of the Philippines scheduled their joint area assembly last February 20-21 in Cebu.  Aside from the assembly itself, what I'm most excited about this trip is the chance to once again have a meal at Zubuchon.  The lechon chain is made more popular by Anthony Bourdain's remark on it being "the best pig ever" during his visit to the country.  Coincidentally, the hotel were staying is just a few blocks away from their Mango Branch.

I arrived late afternoon the day before and took the chance to eat here for my dinner.  I'm dieting in preparation for summer, so I ordered the one with Munggo hoping that the protein makes me feel less guilty.  

I ordered the Lechon with Munggo to make me feel less guilty.

While waiting, plateful of this popular Lechon topped with portions of the crispy skin pass by me as waiters make their way to other tables.  I finally gave in and ordered myself the original, without the rice of course.

Crispy skin over the succulent meat!  Who could resist this?

Complementing my meal was their Kamias Shake.  The sweet and sour combination cuts the oiliness of the pork.

The waiters also introduced me to the ritual before eating.  The preparation of your dipping sauce.  Teaspoon full of onions, tomatoes, pepper and chillies were served for you to combine with vinegar, soy sauce and oil.  The proportion depends on your taste.

I left the restaurant a few pounds heavier, but a lot happier having fulfilled my craving.

On my social media post, I associated the closing of Fitness First in Cebu to the popularity of Lechon.  Who could resist this!  My mouth is watering writing this entry.

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