Friday, April 24, 2015

Be Enchanted in Maginhawa St. at Gayuma ni Maria

My vist to this place came as an accident.  I was invited to design the soon to be opened establishment next door, and the name Gayuma ni Maria caught my attention.  Initially, I have no clue on what the place offers.  I thought, they were selling the same items you would normally find beside Quiapo Church.  I checked online and found out that it was actually a restaurant.

After my errands next door, I made sure to try the place out.
The interiors were eclectic with mis matched curtains, vintage accents and furniture.  The dining area reminds me of a Diner with a bohemian vibe.  An Al Fresco Area is located at the Veranda.

According to reviews, its their desserts that draws the crowd, but I'm not really craving for something sweet that afternoon.  Instead, we tried out their pasta.  The menu items were creatively named after phrases that reminds you of love or the lack of it.  I tried the "No Boyfriend Since Birth" Pasta.  It's actually spaghetti in pesto and cheese sauce and mussels.

My friend had the "Hotsie" which is a spicy spaghetti pasta, in a tomato based sauce with shrimps. 
 While waiting for our meals to arrive, I have taken the opportunity to inspect the small corner of the restaurants were naughty/sexy items are being sold including love potions.

 The food was good, although it failed to enchant me.  Maybe we should have had their dessert, but I'm reserving that for another cafe in the same vicinity.

Overall, I would recommend the place especially to those recovering from a lost relationship or those that are looking for that special someone.  The comforting ambiance and the humour it offers is enough to uplift the spirit.  

My "No Boyfriend Since Birth" Pasta

 Pasted on the wall are the ingredients to a love potion that supposed to let you obtain love from a specific person.  Who knows, this might just work!

Gayuma Ni Maria
Rating:      3 spoons (Satisfactory)

    • Taste:        3 spoons
    • Price:        2 spoons
    • Interiors:   3 spoons
    • Concept:   4 spoons
    • Service:    3 spoons

1 Spoon = Poor, 2 Spoons = Fair, 3 Spoons = Satisfactory, 4 Spoons = Very Good, 5 Spoons = Excellent

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vatel, A Taste of Something French Above Manila's Skyline

Located at the roof deck of CSB Hotel otherwise known as the Angelo King International Center, is the schools French Inspired restaurant named Vatel.

The Manila Skyline provides a romantic backdrop to a fine dining experience complimented with the impeccable service of student trainees.

It may appear to be intimidating, but a set meal of soup, main entree, and dessert only costs 500pesos.  Just ask the service staff for your options.

On my few visits, these were the items we've tried.

Chicken Breast with Blue Cheese Sauce and Grapes served with White Rice
Beef Bourguignon Stewed with Red Wine and Demi Glace

Cerveza Negra Ice Cream (This makes we want go come back!)
 Here's the The Restaurant Photos as grabbed from their FB Page.

 Vatel would be the perfect restaurant to bring that special someone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ANTITEASIS, The Perfect Way to End A Meal at Maginhawa

From my previous Maginhawa St. food trip blog entry, I mentioned that Jeepney Boodle Fight has 2 establishment between them. One of them is Antiteasis.  

It's the perfect place to end a meal or prepare you to the next.  You just hop next door for dessert and their freshly brewed teas and coffee.  I tried the apple and basil smoothie (100 pesos), and my friends had the french pressed coffee (65 pesos).  They also have mini doughnuts and bagels.  Check on the chalkboard for their daily offering.

With their diverse collection of books, you can't help but extend your stay as you immerse yourself in a novel or just lounge with your friends.

My Apple Basil Smoothie!
Red Velvet Cupcake (40pesos)  This so good!
 Watch out for the surprise at the centre!
The owners love for reading is exemplified in their collection!
Lounge at your perfect corner.
Found Mine!
Visit Antiteasis at Unit 154C Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
and the Facebook page here.

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