Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Foodie Finds: Momma's Boy, San Antonio, Makati

Our neighbouring Baranggay San Antonio in Makati, is my favourite dinner destination because of the variety of "Hole in the Wall" foodie places in the area.  As I was driving home one evening, I chanced upon a brightly lit entrance. Initially I thought its a drinking place because that time, all i see on the tables were beer bottles.

A few weeks later, I was in the look out for a place to eat after gym, and the alley I took coming from Yakal St. led me to their entrance.  I decided to give it a try.

If not for the tables, I would have mistaken it for a Spa with all the Balinese accents.

The Asian Decors continued to the interiors, with some Thai, and Indonesian Mandalas.

Upon inspection of their Menu, they actually offer Western and Asian Fusion Food.

The appetiser selection seems good, but I'm going for something a bit heavy and tried their Adobo Pasta.  I find them a bit expensive, especially for a solo foodie like me, compared to the other restaurants in the area, but the taste, presentation and ambiance makes it worth the hard earned peso.  

What I found cheap was their beer at 50 pesos.  That explains the group of customers I saw during my first sight of the place.  

They have low tables on the indoor dining area for big groups to lounge.

I would definitely come back to sample their appetiser with a bottle of beer, or maybe a bucket.

My plateful of Momma's Adobo Pasta.  A sweet Filipino twist to the Italian Classic.

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