Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend to Boracay on a Budget

Going to Boracay from Manila nowadays is so convenient.  You have the options to fly via Kalibo or Caticlan, and the boat ride to the island operates 24/7.

If you're on a tight budget, you don't have to wait for promo fares.  My itinerary would only cost you less than 2500 pesos round trip.  With an additional 500 pesos, you can get a decent stay for the night.

If you get off from work, around 5PM on a Friday, you can still catch the 2GO ferry that would take you straight to Caticlan, leaving daily at 9PM that would take less than 10 hours.

In case you missed it, your next option is break down your transportation taking the RORO route. You first need to catch a bus going to Batangas Pier and purchase the next departing ferry ticket to Calapan, Mindoro.   The ferry ride is about 2 hours.  Upon reaching Calapan port, you can take a Van to Roxas Port.  They tend to cramp every inch of the vehicle on this leg of the trip, so be prepared to get squeezed on this 4 hour land journey.  Upon reaching Roxas Port, you need to once again catch the earliest departing ferry to Caticlan, Aklan.  The ferry ride takes 4-6 hours depending on the Shipping Line.  From Caticlan Port, you need to take the RORO exit, and then enter again taking the Boracay bound entrance after paying the Environmental and Terminal Fee.  The boat ride only takes 15 minutes.  The entire RORO journey is around 12-16 hours.  You can use your time on the ferry ride to rest and reserve your energy for a compressed Boracay trip.

Your one way fare would be around 1200 pesos.  You might have to spend more on the cup noodles and water being sold in the Ferry Vessels.

For your return trip, you may opt to ride 2GO again, but they depart early morning Daily leaving you just a full day on the island.  You can reverse your RORO trip and leave Caticlan around 2PM to make it to work Monday morning.

This option is also good, in case you want to forego your flight and extend your stay.

Your next problem would be accommodation.  AirBnb choices for Boracay would offers as low as 450 pesos per night for a shared room.

Manila to Batangas:  167 pesos
Batangas to Calapan:  192 pesos plus 30 pesos terminal fee
Calapan to Roxas:  180 pesos
Roxas to Caticlan:  400 pesos plus 15 pesos terminal fee
Caticlan to Boracay:  25 pesos plus 100 pesos terminal fee plus 75 pesos terminal fee
Total:  1,184 pesos

You can also use this itinerary in case P-noy suddenly declares a Monday or a Friday a holiday and you don't want to be stuck in Manila.

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