Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Bar 1951, Keeping the Malate Charm

I grew up with Malate as my favorite Saturday night destination.  But since most of the bars we frequent closed, we're forced to search for a hangout somewhere else. The only remaining establishment we're loyal to that's still open is Cafe Adriatico. That's until we chanced upon The Bar 1851 one Saturday night.

The patrons are a mix of expats, students, artists and music enthusiasts.

It's a quaint two storey bar with a loft on the 2nd level. The ground floor houses the performance area, with bands playing on weekends. The repertoire is mostly blues, jazz, and a fuzion of local reggae. The smoking upper level is more of a lounge, with walls used to display works of local artists.

I usually come to work on my laptop on weeknights over a pitcher of their Mango Mojito, or a bottle of red wine. Yes I can finish that much by myself.  On weekends, I would watch the band as they play. I would make it a point to come when Talahib is playing.  Catch the performance schedule on their Facebook page.

The Bar 1851 is located along Adriatico St. between Remedios and Mother Ignacia.

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