Thursday, December 31, 2015

Get to Know the Newlyweds Regine Velasquez Alcazid Gate-crashed!

It was an intimate gathering of friends and family celebrating the wedding of Dara Buela, a Filipina Interior Designer who's currently based in Papua New Guinea, and Simon Brendling, an Australian-Thai who works for the same company last December 29, 2015.

After the traditional reception program that band started playing dance music to kick-off the party and give the bride and groom the chance to mingle with their guest.

It was during the last few lines of Dancing Queen, that we saw a girl come up on stage and belted out that familiar voice.  It was then that I ran to bride to tell the news that Regine Velasquez-Alcasid was the one on stage, and everyone who's still seated rushed in front starstruck.

Half of the guests were Australians and was clueless of whats going on.  I just informed them that no less than the Asia's Songbird (A Singer with a huge Filipino following including a fan base in Asia) is the one performing.  They were excited with her appearance.

The Songbird was kind enough to have photos with the couple after the song before leaving to join her companions that included husband Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeran.

It took a while before everyone recovered to that welcomed surprise.  It really made the celebration more memorable.
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