Thursday, May 26, 2016

Philippine's Best #RunningManChallenge Video

Ever since the Running Man Challenge hit the Philippines, several companies heeded the craze and came up with their own videos.

When Best Western La Corona Manila challenged Victoria Court, the final video showcased the fun, creative, and playful culture of the company.

Their facebook video reached 84K views in less than 24 hours.

Check out the awesome video by clicking on the photo.

Friday, May 13, 2016

What's New in Foodie Kapitolyo

They're not really new establishments, but more of recently explored.

Most would probably frequent the restaurants and establishments along the major street of East and West Capitol, but the side street offers more interesting options.

Click on the link for more of restaurants in Kapitolyo:
Kapitolyo Restaurants

Breakfast at Juanita's

Start your day at Breakfast at Juanita's just beside the famous Cafe Juanita.  They're open as early as 6 AM, serving Filipino Breakfast Meals elevated to new heights.  Try their Chicken Arroz Caldo and Embotido.  The quirky, colourful, eclectic interiors refreshes you to start the day.

Breakfast at Juanita's Signature Embotido

Chicken Arroz Caldo with its array of condiments

Lunch at Pomodoro Pizza

Pomodoro Pizza is located at the corner of San Rafael St. and Sta. Rosa St.  From Shaw Blvd., turn left immediately after passing the gate.

As what the name suggests, they serve Pizza and Pasta, with selections of Italian- Filipino fusion.  On my visit, I tried their Filipino Puttanesca.

Pomodoro Pizza at Night (Photo grabbed from Pomodora Pizza FB Page)
Pomodoros Pinoy Puttanesca
Snack at Kapitolyo Gastro Park

The Park offers countless options, from Mexican-Filipino to Thai - Mexican Fusion, enough to satisfy every craving.

The Filipino Sandwich Bar, serves snack sandwiches filled with filipino favourites like Lechon and Adobo among many others.

The Park is located along 1st Street.  Coming from Shaw Blvd, enter the Gate to Kapitolyo, and turn right at United St.  Immediately after, turn right again to 1st St., where theres a Chinabank at the corner.  Gastro Park is located on the right.

The Filipino Sanwich Bar Food Truck

Ever tried a Mexican Bulalo?
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Mexican Bulalo

Dinner at Ser Chef's Lechon

Right across Kapitolyo Gastro Park is Ser Chef's Lechon, known for their Lechon Macau, which is what we had for Dinner.

Lechaon Macau Rice at 145 Pesos
With this much food option, make sure your hungry the next time you drive by Kapitolyo.

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