Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Organizing the Artist

Yesterday, we were given lessons on getting organized.
Primarily it’s because of an incident between me and my boss that prompted our Top Management to make it a mandate to all managers.
We were supposed to start today to at least make small efforts on getting organized.
We were made to commit things we would change in order to get a more organized working environment.
Last night I started by creating folders in my hard drive, sorting my files and labeling them one by one. Today, I organized my folders and cleaned my drawers, throwing everything unnecessary.
I just hope that I did not throw anything valuable or things I might look for in the future.
The day ended with very little of my original task done, but I feel I was able to unburden myself of trash, and somehow looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Appearance on ANC Futute Perfect

Working with Victoria Court has as the Chief Designer has given me the opportunity to create thematic designs. We would like to be known as an Adult Disneyland through the design of the property as well as our product, which are mainly rooms.

Soon our projects have become popular not only to our guests but to the media as well. Our product has been featured in design publications namely Bluprint and has been the backdrop for concept shoots for PULP, FHM, UNO and Cosmopolitan. Just recently, Tony Velasco featured our Starship room in the ANC show Future Perfect. They were amazed at the extent on how we create details on making the design as true to the concept as possible.

Our designs for Victoria Court is limitless! We aim to be a venue for every person's fantasy!

Hong Kong on Budget, First Time International Traveller

Slow Monday

I slept late last night, spending 2 hours trying to recover my 2 blogs,  Imagineering and Laging Gutom to no avail.

I think I was able to get a good sleep, about 6 hours or so, but I just cant seem to force myself to be excited for work.  I was awake around 8:00 am but decided to give myself another 45 minutes.  When the alarm went on, I texted my staff that I'll be coming late.  It was only after I had a breakfast of Lucky Me Pansit Canton that I was able to send myself to the shower and prepare for work.  I left the house around 10:30 and arrived at work 11:00 am.

As I was approaching the driveway, my superiors are inspecting the delivery van's new  graphics, so I joined in to give my comments, and it wasn't very good.  I needs to be changed immediately. 

After that, I went to my table and checked on emails, I found out that the word for today was Boracay, so instead of going ahead with the creative writing exercise, I decided to do this blog post first.  That way I can include my Word for the Day with the Same entry.

Here goes:

by Omar

I still remember my first visit.  It was ati-atihan season and we decided to go to Boracay on the weekday leading to the fiesta which will be spent in Kalibo.  That time, boats were still allowed to dock on the beach front.  The reason why there's three stations to date, its where guest registers and docks in the early days.  That time, boatman will literally carry you over their shoulders to reach the dry sand.  It was the first time that I have seen beach sand so fine. 
We stayed on the beach front to what was now D'Mall.  The beach then was very rustic and less crowded. 
As I go back, new establishments have sprung up, and resort hotels are getting bigger and bigger.
Its taking its toll on the island.  I've seen the shoreline littered with moss.
Recently, Its good that the island officials are implementing strict rules on eco-tourism.  The entire beach front is a no-smoking zone.  Smoking is allowed on the beach alley but not beyond the coconut trees fronting the beach.  Even restaurants are not allowed to extend their tables and chairs to areas where the rising tides would still reach.
I've seen Boracay in all weather conditions, in the heat of the summer, and the rainy monsoon months.
I spent a new year there alone once.
What keeps me coming back, would be the morning run on the beach followed by a dip in the ocean, and watching the sunset every afternoon.  I was there a few weeks back, and I have a feeling I'll be back again this year!

Ok, that was first on my list, now I need to prepare for a Departmental Meeting and the GM of UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter!

Where are my blogs?

Just spent almost 2 hours trying to recover my 2 blogs, but to no avail.  I guess this would also be a good time to start a new one.  Start fresh!

So for this one, I will try to integrate all of my interest, travel, food, art, architecture, crafts and cultures.

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