Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foodie Finds in Kapitolyo Pasig

Cafe Juanita
When we talk of dining in Pasig, the first restaurant that would come to mind would be Cafe Juanita.
The restaurant is known for creating innovative ways of preparing our home cooked favorites like the sinigang, adobo and sisig.  It has a unique interior that showcases an eclectic collection of antiques and and items from all over the world.  It's usually full during lunch and dinner and is best to make reservations and order ahead of time.

Corned Beef Sinigang

Tofu Sisig

Cafe Juanita's Eclectic Interiors

The Catfish Salad, Almost did not make the shot!

Antique and Crysta Collection at Cafe Juanita

Kainan Augusto
It is owned and operated by the same people as Cafe Juanita.  It also takes on the same eclectic vibe with the miss match chair and vast collection of antiques and found items.  The difference is that they have pre-prepared dishes "Turo-Turo" style.  My favorite is their Kaldereta.  The meat is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.  Although the portion is small, you can easily finish more than 1 serving of rice.  They also have the usual Filipino favorites like the rellenong bangus, laing and morcon among many others.
I am coming back to try their merienda offerings like the ginataan halo halo and pansit luglug. For those who love our native kakanin, they have different types of puto and maja on a stand.

The Entrance to Kainan Augusto

The Turo Turo Stand with the Pre-Prepared Dishes

The Ginataan Halo-Halo and Maja

Same Eclectic Vibe as Cafe Juanita
Three Sisters
A block away from Kainan Augusto along East Capitol Street, is a small restaurant known for their pork barbecue and grilled items..  The sign says they've been grilling since 1941, so this must be really good to survive those decades.  I drove past to take out 3 sticks and scent just filled the car and the barbecue was consumed in seconds.

The Famous Pork Barbecue
Poco Deli
I love this restaurant.  The interior is simple, and made to look like a rustic cellar with the use distressed wood, crates and the wooden furniture.  One wall houses the wine collection, and chillers showcase their sausages, cheeses and other deli items.  The chalk board wall reminds you of a neighborhood diner. The menu consists of salads, tapaz, soups, pasta and pizza.
We tried the truffle oil pasta with seafood and the four meat pizza so we can sample their sausages.
It was really good, and the pizza could easily serve 2 to four person. The price is very reasonable considering the serving and taste.

Entrance to Poco Deli
The Wall with their Wine Collection and Chiller for the Deli

Truffle Oil Seafood Pasta

Four Meat Pizza
I owe my trip to East Capitol Street to this restaurant.  I saw a post on facebook about the chicken salad on this establishment which prompted my visit one lunch afternoon a few days back.  I was having a hard time looking for parking and as I was driving, found these very interesting places to eat.  Thaidara has a lunch special that comes with a drink and dessert. I tried the chicken basil for 179 pesos.  The meal portion was enough, although I wanted more of the savory spicy ground chicken, with a hint of freshness coming from the basil.  The dessert was so cute, its a cookie topped with ice cream.  I'm not sure if its the taste or the portion, but I left the restaurant still hungry. maybe it's both.

Entrance to Thaidara

Lunch Special: Chicken with Basil that comes with a drink

The dessert that comes with the lunch special

Lia's Cake in Season
After having lunch at Thaidara, I noticed the small cake shop beside it with a sign that says "home of the best avocado cheesecake".  This something new to me, so I immediately went in to get myself a slice.  It was only the avocado cake that's available that time, and was only able to taste the cheesecake on my second visit.  They also have other cakes on their chiller like red velvet, chocolate cake, strawberry and the avocado sylvannas.  Actually they have a more creative name for the cakes, i was just basing it on appearance.

Its gonna be hard to choose....

The famous avocado cake and cheesecake
My Yet To Try
Since, there are more restaurants than how much I can consume in day, these are the establishments I am eagerly wanting to try in the coming days.

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