Friday, January 18, 2013

Balik-Alindog Program, or Alindog, Pagbigyan mo na ko Program

18th day into the year and here I go again.

When I was writing my new years resolution, I checked the dates of the scheduled holidays to more or less plan my trips.  I realized that Holy week is coming early this year.  The last weekend of March.

It means that the beach season will come early.  Although I have been to 2 beaches in the first two weeks of the year, this is the type where you show up to be seen.

My recent photos proved that I really need a Balik-Alindog program.  But, I think I should call it, Alindog, pagbigyan mo na ko program!

Same time last year, I promised to commit myself to a 70 day workout program I've downloaded from the net.  Last year, I started out good!  Unfortunately, I fell on the open flooring that will become the office gym last February, and made it difficult for me to run and continue the program.  Hopefully, this year, my bones have recovered.

Just last week, a cash gift celebrating our CEO's birthday comes as a welcomed surprise, enabling me again to enroll myself to a 3 month gym membership.

My Day 1 is going to be on Monday, January 21 and the 70th day is just in time for Easter Sunday.

Just like last year, It is required that you take your before photo, date, weight and waist measurement.

Tools, in measuring my success!
The Old Me

Date: January 18, 2013
Weight: 76.5Kg.
Waist: 37.5 inches

My Week 0 is on Sunday!

I know this year, I will be successful.

Alindog.... see you on Easter!

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