Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Year's Resolution

Here are my goals for 2013.

1. Travel More

Here's a diagram on how to strategically file your leaves to make the most of your weekends.


2. Be Fit

I was so surprised to find out that holy week would come early this year. The last weekend of march.  That means I have to start my 70 day program not later January 20.  I was able to grab myself a copy of the heart of the champion program.  Actually I started following the program same time last year.  But an accident in the office created an injury that made it difficult for me to run so I stopped.  Hopefully this year, I will be able to complete the program.

3. To save

I will try to limit my splurging on travels.  I will sleepover the hotel more and seek all opportunity to earn extra income, LEGALLY!

4. Stay Healthy

I promise not to forget my daily doze of Vitamin C at least 2000mg. 1 Multivitamins, at least 2 Fish and my latest addition Lysine, its suppose to prevent cancer.  I also intend to quit smoking this year.  Today, I had 5 half consumed sticks.

5. Be more productive at work.

I can't promise not to be late, but I would commit myself to accomplish more in a day.

6. Help other people

I am involve with a lot of advocacy groups and participate on outreach programs.  This year, i intend to do more of that.

7. Value Relationship More

I want to be he best boyfriend to yuyung, the best son to my mom, and brother to my sisters, and uncle to my nephews, and friend to my friends, workmates and bosses.

8. Blog More

I intend to document my progress and in case I forget these resolutions, don't hesitate to remind me.

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