Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting The Year with a Great Meal, Overcoming Fears, and Friends

I'm not talking about the Media Noche, its the lunch after all the revelries. Now that I'm back in Cebu, I would not miss this opportunity to to try out the famous Zubuchon. I've been seeing this a lot from friends post of their visit in Cebu. Also, on my way here last Christmas Day, I saw an article at Smile Magazine about it, and its been haunting me since then. Fortunately, I check their FB page and saw that all stores are open for New Year's Day. Finally!

Some would say it's a bit overrated, but I don't really care, especially with how much rice I've consumed!
Half Kilo of Zubuchon at 280php
Dinuguan, or Dugu-dugo to the Cebuanos
Kamias Shake, beverage of choice for the Lechon
For this Lay-over, we were able to find a cheaper place to stay.  We got a deluxe room at Roseate Pensione for less than 900php that comes with a breakfast for two.
After lunch, we rested a bit, but the view of the imposing Crown Regency nearby, makes me want to try the Sky Adventure.

We went there late in the afternoon just in time for sunset.
Entrance to the Sky Adventure is 250 for adults and 200 for students.
The edge ride or skywalk would cost an additional 300php making it a total 550 that includes a souvenir certificate.
Additional 200 to the 550, lets you do both.

Panoramic View of Cebu Skyline
We opted to do the Edge ride as recommended by the attendant.  It's a quick and thrilling ride, but i think the sky walk would have given us more adrenaline rush.  At least I have another reason to go back to Cebu.
The first turn is a bit scary, but you'll adjust with ride.  You can actually control the tilt.
After Crown Regency, we went to Ayala for dinner at Casa Verde, another local restaurant that serves American ribs, steaks and sandwiches, just to name a few.

Steak and Pasta

Watermelon Salad

Brian's Ribs, Casa Verde's  Bestseller!
We had coffee to end the night, before heading back to the Pensione house, to prepare for the 3am flight back to Manila.

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