Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Antipolo Rediscovered Part 2: Pinto Art Museum

After the satisfying meal at Crescent Moon Café, we went to indulge ourselves with a showcase of Filipino Artistic Creations at Pinto Art Museum.
To get there from the café, you need to drive back to Antipolo Church.  Before reaching the Ynares Complex is an intersection.  Turn right at Grand Heights Rd.  This will take you to the Village entrance where you will need to pay 25php per vehicle.  Inside you will see the Village bulletin board and in front of it is Pinto Art Museum.
The tour of the Museum costs 150php per head.  You may opt to go guided or just explore it yourself.  It’s a large property that houses outdoor sculptures, paintings in different medium and installation art. You need to be prepared for the long walk. And if you’re arriving early in the afternoon, I suggest that you wear comfortable clothing.
If you find an artwork that interests you, prices are available at the office near the entrance.  They allow picture taking and we took a lot.  
Check out the sights at Pinto Art Museum with our photo collection.

Complete Antipolo Road Trip Itinerary:

10:00 AM Called 02-6583866 Crescent Moon Cafe contact number to make reservations
10:30 AM Pick up friends in Mandaluyong
11:00 AM Gas Up at Ortigas Extension (500php)
12:25 PM Arrived at the Cafe
1:30 PM Finished Lunch (350php/head) Toured the pottery production area, Depart for Pinto Art Museum
2:00 PM Arrived at Pinto Art Museum (150php/head Entrance Fee)
3:15 PM Depart for Cafe Lupe
3:45PM Arrived at Cafe Lupe (150php/head estimated budget for a pizza and drink)

Road trip budget per head: 775php/head

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