Monday, August 5, 2013

Cafe in the Park, Dinner Buffet at Century Park Hotel - Manila

Nowadays, buffet restaurant prices have gone up to almost the same as their hotel counterpart.  Just this Friday, we were given Gift Certificates to dine at Cafe in the Park inside Century Park Hotel - Manila and the experience was still incomparable.

We couldn't have picked a better time.  My partner just had his braces installed and I just had my molars removed.  But that did not stop us from taking advantage of the many offerings of the restaurant.

The buffet area is divided into different sections.

The bread section

The Cold Cuts Section
The Sushi and Maki Station
The Salad Station
The Mongolian Barbecue Station
The Crepes and Ice Cream Teppanyaki Station
The Steak All You can Station
The Raw Food Station, where you can have the chef's prepare them any way you want.
The Sukiyaki Station
The Steak Station

The Main Entree Station with the Steak and Pasta Bar at the back
The salad station.
The buffet cost roughly 1200php/pax but with the many items you're getting, its really worth the bucks, and you also get the quality of service from a 5-Star otel.

Thanks to Atty. Marj and Benj for the GC.


  1. how's the quality of the food?

    1. the blogger forgot the cover it lol


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