Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Habagat, The Maring Experience

This is the worst and hopefully the last flooding I will experience in my life.  I remember during Ondoy when the water reached the first step of our house and were located on the second floor.

Last Sunday, we went shopping in Divisoria unaware of what will happen in coming hours and days.  We left Lucky Chinatown around 8PM and head towards the direction of Manila City Hall.  The water was gutter deep until we reached the Round Table where the road becomes visible again.  I figured Roxas Boulevard would have a lesser chance of flooding compared to Mabini and Taft Avenue and we took that route on our way to EDSA.  The road from Quirino Grandstand was gutter deep up to the area fronting Malate Church.  From Roxas Boulevard I made a right turn right after the CCP Complex taking the Diosdado Macapagal Avenue.  Traffic was light until we reached EDSA.  The rain was pouring hard and we were inching our way for almost an hour.  That's the time decided to just go back to our house in Makati, which is nearer than our original destination at SM Megamall.

We made a U-turn at EDSA near the Heritage Hotel going back to Roxas Boulevard and turned right at Gil Puyat Avenue.  Surprisingly, the traffic was lighter compared to that of EDSA.  As we approach Dian Street, I noticed that the flood is getting deeper and light vehicles are going back.  I decided to turn right at Dian Street, which was so scary because I can feel the water beneath the car.   I was not really sure where to go at that point.  I just wanted to reach Filmore Street as quick as possible.  Fortunately, the car survived the ordeal and we reached the house around 10PM.

I was originally on leave for the next two days and was glad that work was suspended early that Monday.  I thought that the weather would continue to improve because the flooding subsided.  We were able to go to the Grocery to stock up on supply and I was able to bring my partner to work that evening.

The rain continued in the evening and around 3AM was awakened by the sound of thunder.  When I looked outside, the side streets are already flooded gutter deep and had to move the car to a higher ground around 5:30AM.

Filmore Corner Diesel 5:18 AM

Filmore was still passable at 5:19 AM

Where my car was originally parked.
Soon, the other vehicles parked on the street moved their vehicle.  The neighbors were helping each other moving the cars to higher ground.  This establishment caught my attention.  It's a place where Church service is conducted.  I can understand their need to reserve their parking slots during the day for their activities, but to keep it closed at night is just greedy.  Especially during emergency times like this.

Taken 5:30 AM
Taken at 6:00 AM

Taken at 6:00 AM

Taken at 6:00 AM

Taken 7:30 AM
My car at 1:30 PM
Its now 4:30 in the afternoon and the rain has been on and off.  The water is still above the sidewalk but its been subsiding.  Hopefully we can see the road as night time falls.  Stay safe everyone.

My car at 5:30 PM

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