Thursday, October 24, 2013

Architect's Summit Day 0: Getting There

This is it!  I have been planning for this trip weeks ahead.  Fortunately, I was able to convince my company to pay for the 4,500 pesos registration fee.  It's good that they support professional growth through the different professional organization.  Apart from the summit, which is themed "Architects Summit & Sustainable Environment Tourism", this is also my opportunity to go back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  I was there last February for the Area B Assembly, but have very little photo to show for my trip.  Well, I wasn't really able to explore much because I was task to host some of the days event.  I will make the most of my visit this time.

Thanks to Tiger Airways, I was able to grab their Piso Fare Promo last August and got me a one way ticket amounting to 700 pesos inclusive of everything.  Excluding the 200 peso terminal fee, its just 500 pesos.  I booked myself a room for the night at Island Stays.  It was still under construction last February but was able to stay at their Cebu Branch.  I figured, since this is new, I will be getting the best amenities.  I will find that out later when I check in.  As of the moment, I am waiting to board the plane at the Terminal 4 of NAIA.

I haven't been back here at the Old Domestic Terminal for a long time.  I can see some improvements.  The check-in counter feels more spacious, or probably because there are less airlines sharing the terminal.  I cant help but notice Pasaway moments from fellow passengers, but I want to devote a blog entry exclusive to that.

On my last trip, I relied greatly on blog entries on the places to stay.  The biggest deciding factor was the cost since I will be arriving late in the afternoon and would not want to spend more than a thousand for less than 24 hour stay.  I got myself a fan room at Yin and Yang Inn.  It was decent and located just a few steps from the popular dining places in Puerto Princesa.  My disappointment with the room is that it's located at the end of the hallway, that cellphone and wifi signals are non-existent.  The mosquitoes also kept me awake that evening.  Not even a few Red Horse consumed helped.

As for Island Stay, Their room in Cebu was very compact, but just right for a Solo Traveler like me.  Walls were painted white with bright orange accents.  I admire their space saving features like the foldable robe hooks and counters.  You're guaranteed that what they claim on the website is what you will be getting.


I started writing while waiting for boarding, and now am actually checked in to my room.

With my 950 pesos, I have an airport transfer that I missed because I was in a rush to go out of the airport and Island Stay is literally a few blocks away.

Originally, I contacted a tricycle for my city that's charging 700 pesos.  I coordinated with the front desk and they booked a shared van city tour including entrance fees for 600 pesos.  That's how I will spend the rest of the afternoon.

In the meantime, I'm in the lookout for a place to have lunch.

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