Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Architect's Summit Day 1: Zero Carbon, RA 9266, and Bhutan as the Happiest Place on Earth!

After my Chaolong fix,  I went to Legend Hotel, which will be our home for the next two nights.  The exhibits was open already participated in by our ever loyal business partners. 

The registration is also on-going.  I just went to the side assigned to my Area which is B.  I immediately saw my name under the cluster of sheets of the district where I belong.  There were five of us attending, but I only know 4 in the list.  The same thing happened last February, where a delegate who is now based in Palawan decided to join the Assembly.  This time, it was a requirement from the government office where our long lost member is employed that prompted her to join.  It's always good to re-ignite old ties with the Chapter.

My timing was just perfect.  The opening ceremonies was just about to start, and they were about to serve lunch. 

After lunch came the talk of Robert Wimmer on Zero Carbon Resorts.  With the success of S-House project in Vienna, where sustainable technology was introduced and still being used, he is now sharing the best practices here in the Philippines and now to us Architects.

The General Meeting is next with the update on RA 9266 as the main topic.

We then took a break as delegates settled into our rooms and prepare for dinner where ABS CBN Foundation, Managing Directr Gina Lopez is the Guest of Honor.

When dinner was formally announced, we were entertained by Mitu's Tribe.  A very talented local reggae band with the leader turning out to be our driver for the Honda Bay tour the next day.

I personally was trying hard not to stand up and sway to contagious percussion and the reggae beat.

A standing ovation welcomed our Guest of Honor Gina Lopez.  I admire her passion for what she's doing.  You can feel her sincere intention to help every individual Filipino.  I enjoy her very candid speech! She shared, that the Philippines is such a beautiful country, with more than 7k islands, why are we living in spaces where we can't breath fresh air and block ourselves from nature and not see the stars at night? It's a challenge to all of us, especially architects. Our drive should not come from wealth, but from happiness!  That's why Bhutan is the happiest place on the planet because they believe in this rule.

Tokens were given, and Raffle Prizes were given out to end the evening.  Some retired to their rooms, but most of us went out to sample the night life of Puerto Princesa.  I would have wanted to follow Mitu's Tribe at their gig in Katabom, but I went with the majority and explored the more popular hang out places.

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